Bob's Potpourri of Poetry
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The Rail

   Until It's Gone Away
   To Have Loved and Lost
   Thinking of You
   Bad Dreams
   Bliss in the Mist
   Dancing in My Dreams
   Old Fashioned Love
   Through My Father's Eyes
   There But For the Grace of God Go I
   What Now My Love
   The Picture
   Flowers of Love in the Garden
   Not the Life You Chose
   Love Forever
   "4" Leaf Clover
   Wherever I Roam
   Always In Love
   A Chance For Romance
   First Sight
   The View
   Let Her Tears Fall
   Heaven May Be Empty
   Since I Found You
   As I Pondered
   The Lord Giveth & The Lord Taketh Away
   I Love You So Much It Hurts
   Sometimes I Silently Weep
   To My Grandson
   Procession of Tears
   Silent Tears
   This Nation Has Been Shaken
   Love this country...our country...The USA
   What Attracts a Man to a Woman?
   A Love Story
   Through the Eyes of a Grandparent
   My Grandfather's Story
   I Still Send My Love To You
   I Don't Need the Sun
   9/11 to 9/11
   The Anniversary of 9/11  
   9/11/02....A Miracle?
   Whisper of the Winds
   Drowning Without You
   Dreaming in the Garden
   My Very First Love
   Holding on to You
   Me and You
   Knowing You're Not There
   Pebbles on the Beach
   The Prayer of a Dying Man
   The New Magnificent Seven
   I Am A Soldier
   Your Girl
   You Color My Rainbow
   So Real It Seems
   The Generation Gap
   Moonglow Man
   We Still Shed Tears
   Circle of Life
   Unbreak My Heart
   Thoughts Before and After the Wedding
   The Waning of Life NEW!
   Sounds NEW!
   Wedded Bliss NEW!


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