I Love You So Much It Hurts
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I love you so very much,
that at times it really hurts.
Especially when you aren't around,
a love so strong I never have to reassert.

My feelings are so very strong,
it even hurts when you are there.
Sometimes they overwhelm me,
and are so very hard to bear.

When I am at work,
during the long workday hours,
my love for you still hurts so much,
that it takes away my strength and power.

When I sit alone in church,
and look at the angelic faces,
I know my angel is waiting at home,
and I long for your warm embraces.

Lovingly I sit up in bed,
and watch you while you sleep,
daring not to stir and wake you,
now happy tears I will weep.......

Dedicated to my wife.....

bobemakk@optonline.net (C)2001