To Have Loved and Lost
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The sun sets in the west,
And the moon will light the sky,
Sitting under the stars,
Together, you and I.
Waterfalls rush as milk,
From the earth’s breast.
From the mountain tops into valleys,
And the sounds of night you cannot arrest.
Holding you close to me,
The stars make your eyes shine.
The moon shines on your hair,
I am glad you are mine.
All rushing water from the waterfalls,
Will wash away someone’s dreams.
As they flow into the valleys,
They gather into streams.
Whose dreams are washed away?
Will someone lose a loved one today?
Will they leave you?
Will they just walk away?
As the streams fill,
Our dreams will grow.
Before we know it,
The streams will overflow.
Then love as it was,
We may never again know… ©2001/2001