Heaven May Be Empty
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The way the world is today,
not many will reach the
final destination.
People are so self-consumed,
they may never reach
peaceful salvation.

No one is pleasant anymore,
they are rude and just don't care.
That is why they will just die,
and end up suffering
more despair.

There are many problems
that exist,
Drive-by shootings, road rage
and so much more,
The good people don't
know where to turn,
Seems like every day we
are fighting another war.

Drugs are rampant,
guns are sold on the streets,
How can we put a stop to this,
Before we fall and suffer
more defeat.

Children are exploited,
And their minds are destroyed.
They are never really children,
And their life becomes a void.

People may want to reach
but if they keep up their evil
they will never reach
God's Kingdom,
and won't see better days.

There are many problems in
the world,
And God sees all of this going on.
We all must work to make it a
better place,
Before it disappears and in a
moment is gone...

 bobemakk@optonline.net ©2001