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She may be short,
Or she may be tall,
She may be shapely,
Or not at all…

She may be large,
Or she may be small,
But that's not why she's yours,
Oh no, not at all…

She may be loving,
Or maybe she's not,
Just think about it,
Bet you still love her a lot…

She may be romantic,
She may push you away,
The importance is her faith in you,
Because she'll never stray…

Think about when you met,
And what attracted you to her,
Why are you together so long,
What created that stir…

Was it her beauty, 
Or was it romance,
Was it her size or shape,
Just what made your heart dance…

Dedicated to my wife.  
We will be married 31 years on 9/18/03…Dee, I love you… (C)2003