Old Fashioned Love
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We danced under the stars,
Our passion was intense.
We held each other tightly,
During our first night of romance.

We forgot all our troubles,
And put away our fears.
Knowing our love for each other,
We held each other near.

The stars shined brightly,
Through the blue of the night.
We knew what we were doing,
Was wrong, but felt so right.

We couldn’t control it any longer,
Our passion from within.
Losing each other before this,
Would be an even bigger sin.

We were taught to save our passion,
For the day that we were married and
walked down the aisle.
Our plans were already made that night,
It seemed we traveled slowly over a million

The love and passion of a young couple
planning to be married just couldn’t
wait any longer….

bobemakk@optonline.net ©2001