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The Waning of Life

The leaves are falling, falling now,
And as they fall, brushing against my breast,
They fall and are lifeless now,
And they lie down to their final rest…

The limbs on the trees,
Are bare and feel the cold,
Bracing for the wintry days,
One day again they'll be green and bold…

The rain and wind is very cold,
As the seasons change once again,
The season of winter around the corner,
As the fall will start to wane…

The snow is here again,
Not just on the mountain tops,
The coolness of fall disappears,
And temperatures continue to drop…

For all those who are still around,
Family closeness and joy they'll bring,
Together we will celebrate each occasion,
And from our hearts we'll sing…

As the seasons pass so quickly by,
And my family grows and drifts apart,
For all those who we have lost,
I'll keep them in a corner of my heart… ©2003