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I saw you again last night,
It was for real it seemed.
We were dancing together,
But it was in my dreams.

I held you close,
Dancing cheek to cheek.
You held me tightly,
But you did not speak.

A jolt of love went through me,
And I realized that very instant,
That I was still in love with you,
Even though we are quite distant.

Our relationship has dwindled,
No more passion in our lives.
Just being together is nothing,
Itís so difficult living a lie.

I can see we are getting nowhere
I stick around and maybe it will improve.
But now as I sit here thinking,
This battle for love I will lose.

You never say you love me,
But I always say it to you.
I can see now Iíve lost my lover,
What is a man supposed to doÖ ©2001