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Why can't we ask our children
why do they always object?
No matter how small a favor,
they always answer with disrespect.

We have been their caretakers,
for so very many years.
We have witnessed their
successes and failures,
and we've shed many tears.

For them we are always there,
no matter what their request.
We never, ever fail them,
we back them and never protest.

But ask them to do a simple task,
repeat yourself many times.
They refuse to do it and procrastinate,
as if it were a crime.

I was raised with simple responsibilities,
and I made sure they were always done.
I respected my parents wishes always,
and my responsibilities I would never shun.

Parents raise many children,
ask one child for help and you stand alone,
Next time maybe we should refuse them,
and imitate how they gripe and groan.

When Mom and Dad are gone,
and jobs are left behind,
will our children know enough,
or will they be lost and blind?

Today, some children take
their parents for granted....

bobemakk@optonline.net (C)2001