Procession of Tears
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Have you ever been to a NY City
Firefighter or Policeman's funeral......

We attended our firefighter nephew's funeral the other day,
emotions were at an all time high.
The church and procession were emotional,
now a vivid reality and no more denial.

The funeral home was packed with sympathizers,
and the streets lined with many more.
Family, friends, uniformed workers as well,
American flags displayed everywhere by the score.

At church, family, friends and NY dignitaries eulogized,
fighting back emotions as they began to speak.
A fallen hero was being put to rest,
everyone was sad and the opposite hard to seek.

Amazing Grace was played on bagpipes,
and sang in church as well.
The Pastor gave his homily,
befitting the hero who fell.

As we exited the church,
there was the biggest tribute of all,
TAPS was played while two helicopters flew overhead,
and once again the tears started to fall.

Johnny's remains are still not found,
and although this chapter is done,
there will still be a void in our lives,
but we must come together as one......
                "....nation under God, indivisible, with liberty
                      and justice for all....."

Dedicated to my nephew, Johnny Napolitano....
the "bravest" firefighter I have
ever known......... (C)2001