A Tribute To My Nephew
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When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
By David M. Romano

Procession of Tears
A Poem Written By Bob
And Dedicated To His Nephew, John

My nephew's name is John Napolitano,
he was 33.  He leaves behind a wife Anne,
and two little girls Emma age 2 and Elizabeth age 6.
He was in Fire Rescue Co. #2 from Brooklyn, NY.
His company was one of the first called in
and they reached the building and went
inside to rescue people and the
building collapsed.
They never found any remains.
This is the saddest chapter of my life,
seeing those towers tumble and finding
out that night my nephew was inside.
It is sad for all who are involved.
I vowed not to write any poems,
but when I found out he was inside, I
wrote a few......just to ease my pain.

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