To My Grandson
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The smile that you put on your face
whenever I am around,
makes my love grow for you,
it grows by leaps and bounds.

I can change your tears into laughter,
whenever you're unhappy and you see me.
Just look up and see me there,
and you become happy as can be.

Every week I see you learn,
many more interesting things.
It shows how quickly you're growing,
and it just makes my heart sing.

The day will come
when you'll venture out on your own.
You'll encounter a whole new world,
and experience the unknown.

When I was a young boy,
it was easy to venture out on my own,
when I had a new world to face,
but today it is different being all alone.

So when you enter this whole new world,
keep one thing in your mind.
Be ready to accept the differences you will face,
and be gentle, courteous and kind... (C)2001