Bittersweet, to my grandson, Daniel
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Tootsie rolls and lollipops,
soda pop and gumdrops,
sweet tarts and candy hearts,
mello rolls and donut holes...

Tell a kid he can't have some,
and you'll take away all his fun.
Let him have what he enjoys,
gee, he's just a little boy.

Someday these things will change for good,
as you figured soon they would.
Wish they could stay this way,
more than forever and a day.

Beepers and cell phones, then he'll drive,
he's late again, will you survive?
Even though on this he thrives,
worried and waiting when will he arrive...

Childhood crush and girlfriend too,
serious relationship tried and true,
then marriage and grandchildren,
another blessing just for you...

Just when you thought you had a grip,
hold on once more before you slip.
Then the cycle starts over once more,
worrying about the little ones like you did before.... (C)2001