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I stumbled upon a babbling brook,
While wandering through the woods,
Around the brook nature was busy,
I wished I could stay there for good…

Natural wonders around the brook,
Were a beautiful sight to see,
Especially the pollinating of the flowers,
By the colorful bumble bee…

Along the brook I saw more life,
The chirping frogs were there,
As I listened to the sounds of nature,
In the summer morning air…

Then I saw the little fish,
Swimming all around,
I wondered how they got there,
Nature's beauty was abound…

Then I saw a beautiful sight,
The fluttering of a butterfly,
As it flew from flower to flower,
And I watch it flutter by…

Then I see more beauty,
All colorful species of birds,
And I listen to their sweetness,
As they utter their own words…

The birds and the frogs,
Eat the fish and the bees,
It's a natural cycle of nature,
Not created to appease…

But God's wondrous creatures,
Must live within this realm,
It's called the "circle of life,"
With God at the helm… ©2003