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As we reflect back,
through the annals of time,
we see what America has been through,
this land that is yours and mine.

We've been through two world wars,
Korea, Viet Nam, and now terrorism too.
But we overcame all of these,
because our leaders always knew what to do.

They tried to take away our freedom,
but couldn't accomplish that,
because we marched our troops,
through cold wars and into combat.

Now terrorism for the very first time,
has spoiled our American soil.
But Americans stick together,
because patriotism they cannot spoil.

"I'm proud to be an American..."
as we always hear the song,
America is part of me,
it's the country where I was born.

Don't burn our flag,
display it proudly throughout the USA,
and don't spit on it or tear it to shreds,
Be American, show patriotism every day... (C)2001