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The Generation Gap

They walk around with holes everywhere,
In their nose, their lips, and their tongue,
In their jeans, in their ears, in their eyebrows,
What has happened to our young…

They have pink hair, green hair,
Or sometimes even blue,
They may have it spiked or a Mohawk,
What are they trying to do…

When my Mom told me be neat,
She really meant what she said,
But today it's best to be odd or sloppy,
It seems our youth's preference instead…

I saw two young ladies last night,
They wore pierced earrings everywhere,
They had odd colored hair with dirty clothing,
Oh, what a disgraceful pair…

At first I thought they were homeless,
But they drove away in a decent car,
The impression they left on me,
Has made an indelible scar…

Any young woman or man,
Should not be so pierced and poorly dressed,
With holey and filthy clothes,
I wonder who they're trying to impress…

Has the youth today gone astray,
Are they trying to leave their mark,
If that is what they are trying to do,
Then please leave me in the dark… 2003