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You wonder why everyone is disgruntled,
give me a minute and I'll tell you why.
Taxes go up, prices are soaring,
no one gives a damn; it makes us want to cry.

Politicians are so crooked,
when they die they'll be screwed into the ground.
They are greedy, and take advantage,
they make our problems abound.

They accept campaign contributions from rich companies,
so these companies won't have to fight.
They'll always get what they want,
they are to blame for all our blight.

They get away with air pollution,
and destruction of our waterways as well.
They destroy our rainforests and natural habitats,
they put us through sheer hell.

It's one vicious cycle,
never coming to an end,
and ongoing story,
that seems to be a trend.

These politicians are so uncaring,
and being crooked is a priority.
Just wait until they expire,
and meet our "Higher Authority..."
       6/28/01 (C)2001