Through the Eyes of a Grandparent
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Every day I see you,
I find a welcomed change.
Perhaps a little more hair,
And none of this is strange.

Perhaps a new word today,
That you will try to speak,
You’ll fumble with the word at first,
Then stop and kiss me on my cheek.

Maybe the color of your eyes,
Will be more blue today.
Or some other infant feature,
May start to fade away.

Lots of new things I see in you,
When I look at your face.
The tiny little infant I saw,
Is growing at such a rapid pace.

The giggle and the laughter,
I look forward to hearing it all the time.
The pleasure of seeing you each day,
As you now learn to crawl and climb.

Soon you’ll be standing up
With no need to hold on.
Then you’ll take your first step,
And run out the door and be gone.

Please don’t misunderstand me,
And try not to get me wrong…
I love the infancy and innocence,
But I do want to see you grow big and strong.

Sesame Street, Elmo and Barney,
Will soon fade away…
No more McDonald’s or the park,
And then maybe you’ll push me away.

The sad part of all of this,
Is the vicious cycle that it takes,
Then my alarm clock startles me,
My reality dream is gone and I’m awake………..

dedicated to my grandson Daniel...
he is such a big blessing to me!