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A year has come,
and a year has gone...
no more news from anyone,
that your remains were found...

Every time there's a memorial,
a tribute or a dedication,
the family's wounds open again,
and it repeats our frustration...

You are a man we'll always remember,
and all of us will never forget...
The pain of it all is that,
those responsible will never regret...

The sins they committed,
are meritorious to them,
their sick and distorted ways,
we hope to never see again...

All of our pain and sorrow,
will never bring you back to us,
Dear Johnny you are so missed,
having you in the family we were blessed...

This will be the last dedicated poem written
by me in your  honor...the wounds reopen 
all the time and will take a long time to heal...
but you will NEVER be forgotten...LFUB
8/26/02 (C)2002