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Cupid’s arrow struck my heart,
On the day we met.
You shied away and lied to me,
Something I want to forget.

I was very persistent,
And you would not give in.
But I chased you all around,
I just knew I had to win.

I wouldn’t let you
Out of my sight.
I wouldn’t let you get away,
I wanted to take you home that night.

You said you were older,
And lied about your name.
But I was fully prepared,
To play your lover’s game.

You were cute and sassy,
Two qualities I enjoyed.
I was attracted to you,
And wanted to be your loverboy.

I wouldn’t give up on you,
Even though you tried to let me down.
After we dated for almost two years,
Finally you marched down the aisle
in your wedding gown…

Dedicated to my wife Dee….I love you…
1/30/02 ©2002