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Every time I comb my hair,
More of it keeps falling out,
There's more on my comb & less on my head,
Is there any way I can make it sprout…

The hair replacement didn't work on my head,
It just increased my body hair,
Now when I walk around,
I resemble a hairy teddy bear…

I look in the mirror,
And my hair is thinning more,
Years back I couldn't see the wall behind,
Now I can see the wall and the door…

I think they call this "fallout,"
But it's not a nuclear result,
It's just part of growing old,
Guess now I'm an older adult…

When I walk into a room
The glare of the light,
Shines off my baldspot,
Under the moon I light the night…

I was pulled over by a trooper,
Who swore I blinded him,
I had left on my dome light,
And the glow off my head wasn't dim…

I walked into my church,
A little old lady thought I was a monk,
Gee how I recall the past,
How the girls thought I was a "hunk…"

I guess those years are gone now,
All gone like my fallen hair,
Never to come back again,
Should I comb it over from here to there? ©2003