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The teddy bear sits on the shelf,
To be held by my little girl no more,
She has grown and married,
And left my abode forever more…

The barbie doll sheds a tear,
And the cabbage patch kid as well,
When I think of all of this,
In my eyes the tears will well…

Her first car that she drove,
Has long gone away,
Just as my little girl,
Was never really here to stay…

When I walked her into church,
And we strolled down the aisle,
I tried so very hard,
To hide my tears with a smile…

All those years now left behind,
And her innocence as a child,
She is all grown and no more a little one,
By all of this I am beguiled…

Dedicated to my second daughter Michele..
although we may battle sometimes…
you are a part of me….forever….

Love, Dadda

Robert L. Macchia
9/3/03 ©2003