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I face hand to hand combat,
And bombs from overhead,
I assist those who are hurt,
And mourn those who are dead…

I meet the enemy,
Face to face,
Will they surrender,
Or keep up the pace…

In my heart and my soul,
I know it is wrong to kill,
But it is them or us,
And my duty to fulfill…

Our troops march together,
And fly in formation overhead,
On the ground or in the air,
We don't know what lies ahead…

Our flag stands for freedom,
And some will pay the ultimate price,
We battle to free the innocent,
How many deaths will suffice…

I battle the way I was taught,
My body and bones are shattered,
Reality is no more a thought,
And my mind is torn and tattered…

I march toward the sounds,
Of bombs and gunfire,
I can barely see or walk,
Through the mud and mire…

I join forces with my buddies,
I finally reach my destination,
All of us fighting for freedom,
Finding comfort and consolation…

But the battle rages on once again,
When will all of this end,
When the enemy's dead or surrendered,
Something I'll always apprehend…

There's an aura of peace,
Am I dead or alive,
I battled long and hard,
I am praying to survive…

Thoughts of home and family,
Are racing through my mind,
The thoughts of the war,
Are now left behind…

The war is over,
And amid the devastation,
I hear all the cries,
And I shed tears of elation…

Surviving was a personal battle,
It was both bitter and sweet,
I am marching home finally,
I never backed down in defeat…

Support our troops and pray they ALL come home safe… 4/4/03 ©2003