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I cry silent tears
each and every night.
When I fall asleep,
so I won't re-invent your fright.

I cry silent tears,
when I'm all alone,
and you're not around,
so my sadness isn't shown.

I cry silent tears,
so you cannot see,
while driving in my car,
from the sadness inside of me.

I cry silent tears,
when I'm at my job,
while sitting at my desk,
and sometimes I even sob...

I cry silent tears,
I cry them especially for you,
because I really know,
what you're going through...

Dedicated to my wife so she knows my pain and sadness due to the loss of our nephew Johnny, a NY City Rescue Firefighter and volunteer firefighter in his own Long Island community.

He dedicated his life saving others and now he is missing since the WTC towers crumbled and he was buried alive.....
there is very little hope he will ever be found.
He was one of "New York's bravest...."
....everyone has a hero in their lives,
and now he is one of mine..... (C)2001