A Love Story
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If only your eyes could see,
The true love you get from me,
The dedication and honesty,
You can never question my integrity…

When I leave for work,
I kiss you before I walk out the door,
Looking ahead what to expect at work,
And what may be in store…

While at work all day,
Thinking of you each minute,
When I drift off and dream,
And you are always in it…

The dreams become vivid,
Seeing what we’ve done all our lives,
I am not like other husbands,
Who are not dedicated to their wives…

Then I leave work and come home,
Finding you waiting once more,
As I drive up and see you,
Waiting by the door…

You throw out your arms,
And give me a hug and kiss,
Rekindling your love for me,
Realizing all day, what I’ve missed…

We fell in love,
And marched down the aisle,
Dedicating our love for each other,
Our vows made without denial…

Dedicated to my wife…

11/27/01 ©2001