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You marry and have a relationship,
but it's not the life you choose.
It's not mutual respect and partnership,
you've become a victim who is abused.

Whether physical or mental,
abuse will hurt your pride.
It will wound you everywhere,
both outwardly and inside.

Abuse excites the abuser,
but demeans the abused.
Leaving them behind,
always hurt, disturbed and used.

Keeping company and marrying,
is the normal way it's done.
But marrying and becoming a victim,
has left you alone and stunned.

Getting out is the problem,
since this is not the way you wanted in.
So you just grin and bear it,
taking a daily dose on the chin.

You'll end up with nothing
they say if you walk away.
So just grin and bear it,
and overextend your stay.

How can you walk out,
and how about your kids?
But you really know you have to go,
by seeing the damage that he did.

He will yell and scream and maybe hit,
and use foul language galore,
just proving to you,
that he's rotten to the core.

You try to seek out some help,
maybe a counsellor for advice.
You've even stopped by church,
and prayed once or twice.

It just seems to never end,
it just gets worse and worse.
You must make a decision,
before you end up in a hearse...

If you are being abused,
it will effect your life and the lives of any
children at home....
seek help before it comes to this.... (C)2001

Bob's Poem Touched Me For Personal Reasons.
This Is The First Time This Award Has Been Given Out.
Thank You, Bob, For Reaching Out To Women In Need!