Love this country...our country...The USA.......
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I was never patriotic
    but my Dad used to say...
"you must love your country,
    especially if you're taken away..."
He was a US Army First Lieutenant,
    and a paratrooper when he went away.
He fought on foreign soil,
    to preserve freedom in the USA.
I learned to dislike our country,
    because of liberal, off-centered ideals.
Politicians who let our country fill with foreigners,
    and what it did, I'll now reveal.......

They came to escape dissension,
    from the country of their roots,
and they came to this country,
    to take advantage and reap our fruits.
They took away our jobs,
    and set up businesses too.
They have taken over this country,
    is it too late, is there anything we can do?
We go to Dunkin' Donuts,
    and they can't even make change.
Why don't they learn this,
    to me it is so very strange.
We drive into a service station,
    and they even pump our gas.
What's wrong with this country,
    these foreigner's are kicking our ass.
When the World Trade Center was attacked,
    Muslims and Arabs danced in the streets.
It was intolerable and made our blood boil,
    they thought the USA faced defeat.
We kept letting these people migrate here,
    they don't learn English and can't even speak.
We must ban together,
    be patriotic, because we are not weak.
This country must come back strong,
    hold on tight and steadfast.
Think of our future generation so young,
    and don't dwell on the past.
Please don't get me wrong,
    and don't misunderstand,
not all of them are really bad,
    Now I realized I do love our land.
This little tiny country called Afghanistan,
    a country we saved like many others,
has turned against us,
    they were never really our brothers.
Remember "God Bless America,
    united we stand and divided we fall,"
we are the strongest superpower in the world,
    we must always stand proud and tall..... (C)2001