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You color my rainbow,
With the colors of love,
That's why I cherish what we have,
Soft like the wings of a dove…

Purple for the passion,
You have given me,
Pink for the excitement,
All the time, endlessly…

Red for the love,
Instilled in my heart,
Blue for the sad times,
Only when we're apart…

Yellow for the sunshine,
As you brighten my day,
White for the moonlight,
As we dance the night away…

Green for the garden,
You have made of my life,
That is why I am so happy,
That you are my wife…

At the end of every rainbow,
There's a treasure to behold,
At the end of my rainbow,
You're my pot of gold…

Dedicated to my wife Dee, 
we have been married since 9/18/71… ©2003