Flowers of Love in the Garden
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A daffodil in the garden,
all yellow and bright.
A red tulip that closes,
and holds a cup of love at night.

A carnation with ruffled petals,
so beautiful and white.
A violet of purple,
expressing love's passion and delight.

Pink cherry blossoms,
so tiny and fine.
Red roses abundant.
like your love as sweet as wine.

Azalea bushes of every color,
red, pink, purple and white,
adorning the walkway,
as your precious love will always excite.

Blue hyacinth is everywhere,
abundant along the garden's gate,
all these flowers so beautiful,
as our love blossoms I cannot wait...

Dedicated to my wife Dee....
we will be married 30 years
on 9/18/01...... (C)2001