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I see you sleeping in bed,
as I sit here in the easy chair,
and I lovingly stare...

I miss the comfort of your caress,
and the fragrance of your cologne,
especially when I am alone...

I see you dream in your sleep,
and as you toss and turn,
I will lovingly yearn...

I yearn to hold your hand,
for the kiss I miss,
and the perpetual bliss...

When with our children or alone,
the great times we had together,
we both thought they'd last forever...

It all ended so quickly,
suddenly one day,
when God took you away...

Why did this happen,
we wouldn't be together anymore,
we thought it would be forevermore...

God put me in heaven,
and He left you here,
but I am always near...

The story of a husband's spiritual
visit to his loving wife.

bobemakk@optonline.net (C)2001