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You remember when they were born,

And how they cried at night,

And you couldn’t calm them down,

You sang them to sleep so they’d be all right…


You remember when they started to walk

You remember the first time they fell,

They cried and you held them,

So much more you could not foretell…


You remember when they started school,

And how you left them crying,

Holding back your own tears,

While inside you were sighing…


You remember their first date,

And when they learned to drive a car,

Praying they were good behind the wheel,

Hoping they didn’t travel too far…


You remember when school was over,

And out into the world they went,

They spent some time at college,

But left; much to your lament…


You remember their first job,

And how they complained about the boss,

Trying to explain the world outside,

Probably the first time you were at a loss…


You remember when they talked of marriage,

How they walked down the aisle,

Trying to hide all your emotion,

Behind that teary smile…


You remember when they came into the world,

And how they cried from nighttime ‘til dawn,

You remembered a day would come,

When they walked out and were gone…