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Does Patriotism echo from the walls of America,
Is it in the blood of all our citizens anymore,
Is it still practiced in this country,
The land we used to adore…

Did it die with those who preserved our freedom,
Our forefathers who went off to war,
Is it still part of our feelings for America,
Do we love this great country anymore…

Politicians who run for office,
Don’t do it to protect and serve,
Just to line their pockets,
We never get what WE deserve…

It is sad to say our elected officials,
Are not what they used to be,
We vote for the “lesser of two evils,”
That’s NOT the way it should be…

Why can’t we find the Lincolns and Washingtons,
The men who built this country to what it used to be,
Just to let the modern day officials tear it down,
Anyone who knows; I’m sure would agree…

Election campaigns have become dirty,
And the mudslinging is running wild,
Why can’t they tell people their plan of action,
And not reveal dirty secrets the opposition hides…

These secrets are insignificant,
Especially if they don’t affect America at all,
All they do is embarrass and create hatred,
And can make the good man fall… ©2004