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They’re soft, and warm and cuddly,
So pleasing to your eyes,
But nothing disturbs me more,
Than to hear a baby cry…
Maybe it was so long ago,
That I experienced all of this,
From all four of our own children,
The blessings from our bliss…
The reality of the problem,
Is something we should not miss,
A baby is just too little,
To tell you the problem that exists…
So next time your baby cries,
Try to rock them to sleep,
Hold them and console them,
And help them so they don’t weep…  ©2004
dedicated to our 4 grandchildren, Daniel born on 3/8/01, 
his twin brothers Jack Anthony and Justin Robert born on 6/5/04 
and little Emma Grace born on 5/28/04.
Love, from your Poppy

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