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These hands have lifted me up,

When I have fallen down,

They have helped me to safety,

When no one else was around…


These hands have fed me,

Helped me embrace the love of my life,

These hands have dressed me,

And consoled me during days of strife…


These hands held the hands of my daughters,

As I walked them down the aisle,

To help them start their new lives,

These hands are so versatile…


These hands have embraced family members,

And friends who I have cared about,

They have held our children and grandchildren,

The ones I simply cannot do without…


These hands have dried the tears of my family,

And the tears of myself as well,

These hands have folded in prayer,

And prayed for deliverance from hell…


These hands have sadly buried loved ones,

A part of life we don’t like to bear,

These hands have prayed for those loved ones,

To eliminate my own solemnity and despair…


These hands are always folded in prayer for others,

Who need prayers more than myself,

These hands have prayed for those in need,

Prayers answered bring more than wealth…


These hands are growing tired now,

And somewhat wrinkled and weak,

What a story these hands could tell, 

If only they could speak… ©2004