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I've made mistakes in my life,
Some things were hard to handle,
I wish sometimes I could start over,
Then my life I would dismantle…

Excuses made to others,
Because I didn't know what to say,
Have at times come back to haunt me,
And will probably never go away…

Money is not happiness,
Although it's nice to be rich,
But I'm rich in many other ways,
And my life I wouldn't switch…

Having money is not everything,
And if it isn't used the right way,
It can make life so miserable,
On any given day…

I know many who are wealthy,
And hoard every dime,
They invest it to make more,
For enjoyment they have no time…

So examine your life completely,
Even count your nickels and dimes,
And see the blessings you have,
Are not materialistic all the time… (C)2004