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The Last Supper

He joined them at the table,
Thirteen of them all toll,
They listened with devotion,
To the stories that He told…

He showed them the sacraments,
And first there came confession,
How he listened and forgave their sins,
An important and cleansing lesson…

He described His suffering,
That soon was to come,
And His earthly being would be gone,
By the time Good Friday was done…

Oh Jesus, don’t leave us now,
But I must He told them all,
I was sent by My Father,
To do a job for one and all…

It will not be my end,
I shall return in spirit again,
But before I do this,
I will suffer much pain…

The mission I have to do,
Cannot be done by another,
But the one who will suffer most,
Will be My earthly mother…

With this He blessed the bread and wine,
And told them what they represent,
They are now My body and blood,
A miracle that is heaven sent…

They partook of the host,
And drank of the wine,
Jesus’ body and blood,
The consecration seen for the first time… ©2004