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Every time I boot up my computer,
I view your little peachy face,
And I start my day at work,
Seeing “little papoose,” 
my precious Emma Grace…

Little boys are so much fun,
And little girls are as well,
But when I see your peachy face,
In my eyes the tears will well…

You remind me of a cherub,
“Gracing” my life every day,
And when I visit and you’re asleep,
I’m disappointed in every way…

Your Mommy and Daddy are lucky,
To hold you every day,
We must cherish your infant years,
Because too soon they’ll go away…

Dedicated to my “little papoose,” 
Emma Grace,  born on 5/28/04, 
love, Poppy Jr. 8/16/04 ©2004


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was composed by Bjorn Lynne.
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